Smart Programmatic Guaranteed is now integrated with DBM

Last week, Smart announced the integration with the DSP from Google, DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM). Publishers using Smart can now use the platform to offer programmatic guaranteed to advertisers using DBM.

According to Smart, Programmatic Guaranteed enables buyers to book deals with Smart’s premium publishers, between Smart RTB+ and their DSP, with guaranteed delivery and a fixed price. Smart’s initial Programmatic Guaranteed partner is Google DBM. Smart is able to offer programmatic guaranteed for web, video, mobile, and in-app environments.

“Buyers need to understand where their advertising dollars are going, so the shift to direct relationships is instrumental,” said Smart Chief Programmatic Officer David Pironon. “Smart provides a clear path for buyers and sellers to transact directly — without the time-consuming workflow of traditional insertions. The industry is moving away from standard IO buys to programmatic, including guaranteed volume deals.