launches a creative studio service has launched a Creative Studio, a new in-house team that leverages its global experience in performing creatives. creative experts design customizable templates and help customers tap into creative automation for more nimble campaign development, optimization, continuous testing, and iteration.

Smartlyio’s says they have a unique combination of technology and consulting that helps fast-growing brands automate their storytelling at scale without compromising brand integrity.

“The old model of going through multiple manual design, creation and debriefing rounds is broken — brands suffer if they can’t bring relevant, varied ads to the right audiences. That’s why we’ve continued to focus our innovation on creative automation and built a team of creative experts to help brands get set up for automation and get their first campaigns off the ground as well as continuously test and improve their performance.”

Kristo Ovaska, founder and CEO, has received Facebook Creative Partner Certification for its work in scaling mobile-first creative execution. The Facebook certification occurred after this year’s release of’s automated Video Templates tool and builds on its existing Marketing Partner Certification.

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According to, personalized, localized, high-quality creatives are proven to drive better ad performance, but are difficult for brands who need a high volume of assets to fight ad fatigue. With a multitude of active campaigns, markets, product offerings, language versions, ad formats, and platforms, the number of creative variations can hike up from hundreds to thousands depending on the brand.

Moving away from separate creative and ad operations processes to’s single platform solution, which combines creative automation with ad buying and testing, has driven incremental efficiency for brands like Hopper, Uber, and eBay. It helps brands scale their creative assets and rapidly iterate based on results to optimize performance, all the while maintaining the brand look and feel.

The team empowered Southeast Asian e-commerce company, Lazada, to understand the performance of their creatives better. The leading SEA online shopping and selling platform obtained insights on creative elements which improved their campaign performance.

“Creative Studio helped us build a testing plan by suggesting which elements to test and how — thanks to them, we identified a series of high-performing creative components that have changed the way we approach creative.”

Quan Lam, Regional Head of Social Paid Marketing, Lazada

TUI Group, the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, automated vertical video for the new Facebook Stories ad placement with and grew their creative video assets by 100x and lowered CPA (cost-per-acquisition) by 12%.

“The Creative Studio offered us a simple way to understand what drives results for TUI — the combination of technology and creative services is the perfect fit to help us grow our business.”

Julie Messiaen, Digital Marketer, TUI