Know the different LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Since September, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are available in LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Dynamic Ads enables advertisers to customize the ad creative with the publicly available information from LinkedIn member profiles.

LinkedIn members have the ability to opt out of allowing their profile information to be used to personalize ads.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Types of LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Follower Ads

Follower ads is an ad format to promote the LinkedIn company page or a showcase page and drive followers to the page with a single click on the ad. 

Follower Ad

Spotlight Ads

Spotlight ads are used by advertisers to promote products, services, events or content. When users click on the button in the ad, users are redirected to the website where advertisers can record the actions with the conversion tracking tool.

Spotlight Ads is the ad format of LinkedIn Dynamic Ads to drive conversions.

Job Ads

Job ads are used to promote job offers encouraging candidates to apply.


Here how job ads work:

  • If a LinkedIn member in the target audience is qualified for three or more job openings at the company, they will be shown the job ad with three available jobs.
  • If a member matches with one or two current job openings at the company, they will see the job ad with one job suggestion.
  • If the member has zero suitable job matches with the company, they will see the job ad directing them to the company job page to explore.

Advertisers are using follower ads to build brand awareness while they increase the followers. Spotlight ads are being used to drive traffic and conversions and job ads to increase the number of candidates applying to the job offers.