Smartphone Apps get 50% of user time

A Study released by Comscore, called The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report, reveals that 50% of the time of the US users is spent on the Smartphone Apps. 34% is spent on Desktop, 7% on Tablet App, 7% on Mobile web, and 2% on Tablet Web.

The time spent on Smartphone App is bigger on young generations, representing 66% on the age 18-24. The tablet has an opposite behavior, being more used on old generations – 12% Tablet App on Age 65+.

According to Comscore, although the average user spends 16 times more time on the top apps than they do on the top mobile websites, mobile web tends to capture larger audiences (more reach).

And most of the time is spent on the top 10 apps, like Facebook and Youtube.

And what are the top 10 Apps?

The top Apps on the USA belong to Google and to Facebook. Facebook is the first app with more penetration, 81%. Youtube has 71% penetration. Facebook Messenger has 68% penetration. Google Search has 61% penetration. Google Maps has 57% penetration. See here the top 10 Apps: