SmartyAds launches The Core Bidder, online campaign management solution

This Fall SmartyAds releases new pret-a-porte solution for digital advertising The Core Bidder, which provides an extensive access to numerous publishing companies and media platforms using OpenRTB Protocol. The idea behind The Bidder is to offer an opportunity to buy the lots at the lowest cost determined utilizing optimization methods and algorithms.

The Core Bidder is a digital offering that through direct server to server connections established between Supply Side Partners and Bidder via Open RTB protocol enriches real time auction experience of every party engaged. Visually appealing User Interface along with new 2.3.1 version of the protocol allows clients to tailor and maintain campaigns with ease.

In its effort to create a busy ecosystem where buyers and sellers can streamline their interaction SmartyAds’ The Core offers a unique chance to buy each impression spending as little as possible due to deep machine learning.

The company developed a renowned instrument that is rich in different add-ons meant to bring exceptional experience integrating useful features all in one:

A powerful monitoring tool that tracks dynamics and distributes budgets evenly taking into account daily traffic fluctuations

Second Price Predictor
Another instrument making second price bidding opportunities clearer with Predictor determining the 2nd largest price the lot goes off the table at

CTR Booster
Earlier presented by SmartyAds, CTR Booster is meant for long-term promo efforts. Because of its ongoing self-learning nature, the tool improves click through rate indicator optimizing the ratio throughout the project duration

WinRate Optimizer
The chances to dot the i-s in a particular auction increase due to the bid stream enhancement through win rates forecast

GeoEdge User Security
Ad screening and malicious software protection are no longer a head ache for SmartyAds customers willing to utilize this new technology for security remains one of the top priorities.

A fresh release of the company targets several categories of users such as:

Media buyers procuring media inventory to pass on the right marketing message joggling varied kinds of medium

Ad networks exploring new ways to enlarge market presence and become more influential

Well-known and pioneering brands trying to attract and retain more customers translating their promo efforts into larger market shares

Advertising companies crafting and managing promotional ideas to increase profitability of customers’ businesses generating more revenues.

The Core Bidder presents an opportunity to reach out to a number of different publishers and media houses that utilize OpenRTB protocol.