SoundCloud relaunches comments on mobile apps

SoundCloud today announced that is relaunching its commenting feature on mobile, both on iOS and Android. SoundCloud says this makes easier for creators and listeners to connect anytime. The commenting feature begins rolling out to users today via the latest version of the SoundCloud mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

“It’s really important to get feedback from your fans, so that you can know that they’re actually listening,” said Queen Naija.

According to SoundCloud, fans use the comments to give instant feedback and start a conversation directly with creators and fellow fans. The top comments on the platform are simple words of support like “Nice,” “<3,” and “Dope.”

Users can now open the SoundCloud mobile app, click the comment icon at the bottom of the full screen player at the exact moment in the track they’d like to leave a comment, click the “add comment” box, write the comment and click the orange arrow icon to send. Alternatively, users can reply to another user’s comment by tapping the user’s comment bubble, writing their reply and clicking the orange arrow icon to send.

Advertisers can buy audio and video ads on SoundCloud, via AppNexus.