SpotX integrates Tru Optik segments and audience verification on OTT and CTV

Tru Optik and SpotX yesterday announced the capability for publishers to pre-segment and validate audience-based inventory at scale to create targeted OTT and CTV campaigns.

Powered by Tru Optik’s OTT Data Marketplace, publishers using SpotX’s Audience Management Engine will be able to pre-segment and validate audiences across all OTT devices before making them available for advertisers to buy programmatically.

In addition, advertisers and publishers working with SpotX will have access to Tru Optik’s CAV (Cross Screen Audience Validation) allowing for deduped household reach, frequency, in-target percentage rates, device delivery confirmation, and reporting. SpotX says this announcement marks the most comprehensive integration Tru Optik has completed to date.

“SpotX is the largest, global video sell side platform and our partnership is an industry game changer in Connected TV. Given the significant scale of our respective offerings and through the integration of our OTT Data Marketplace, household graph and Cross Screen Audience Validation offerings, buyers accessing, and sellers using SpotX will have the confidence that advertisers are connecting with their desired consumers across premium Connected TV publishers. Given SpotX’s marketplace reach, we believe this partnership will cement audience-based selling as the de facto standard for OTT advertising campaigns. “

Frans Vermeulen, COO, Tru Optik.

According to SpotX, their Audience Management Engine now covers every major CTV advertising vertical including demographic, automotive, finance, CPG, entertainment, travel and more. Powered by the Tru Optik OTT Data Marketplace which is mapped to over 75MM OTT homes in the U.S., audiences are segmented leveraging third-party data from dozens of leading companies including Experian, comScore, Alliant, Kantar, IHS and V12. Tru Optik’s Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) service is the only campaign measurement solution not limited to a panel or specific device manufacturer, allowing it to be leveraged across all CTV and OTT devices.

“Tru Optik is emerging as one of the defacto standards for audience segmentation and validation across CTV. By enhancing our platform with Tru Optik’s audience validation, we are providing publishers with an opportunity to increase the value of their inventory, while providing advertisers with more precise targeting, reach and measurement solutions across OTT.”

Jeremy Straight, SVP, strategic partnerships at SpotX

Tru Optik and SpotX are privacy compliant scrubbed against OptOut.TV, a privacy register that allows consumers to opt out of audience-targeted OTT ads across all CTV devices and platforms in their home.