Sublime Skinz achieves 93.3% viewability for desktop ad formats

Sublime Skinz announced last month a partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), to improve the measurement of its skin-based ad formats, meeting industry demand for improved brand exposure metrics and consistent viewability metrics.

According to Sublime Skinz, the partnership helped to demonstrate that 93.3% of Sublime Skinz’ desktop ad units achieve the MRC standard (large formats – 30% of pixels in view for one second) for viewability, outperforming the viewability of other alternative display formats.

On average, according to the latest industry benchmarks from IAS, UK ad formats achieve 48% viewability, with certain formats seeing slightly higher rates including Billboard (61.8%) and Skyscraper (58.6%).

Sublime Skinz also saw significant performance improvements, with their display formats being in view for an extended duration – 67.1% of the Sublime Skinz’ desktop ad formats were viewable for 15 seconds or more.

This is considerably higher when compared to other standard ad formats, which see viewability rates decrease at this extended duration, including Leaderboard (12.9%), Billboard (16.4%), and Skyscraper (22.8%).

“We can now supply clear, impressive viewability metrics to our advertising and publishing partners, and optimise the performance of our ad formats. Typically, it has been difficult to measure non-standard ad units and prove that they are highly viewable, even though they have demonstrable levels of engagement and brand recall. Through our partnership with IAS, we can prove that our range of ad formats boast high viewability rates, giving our partners confidence that campaign performance is measured efficiently,” commented Andrew Buckman, Managing Director EMEA at Sublime Skinz.