Taboola just added a Data Marketplace to their platform

Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola, announced this month a new feature: a data marketplace on Taboola. Oracle Data Cloud, Neustar, Acxiom and Bombora are the first data providers connected with Taboola Data Marketplace.

In a press release, Taboola says that advertisers “armed with data and insights, marketers will now better be able to start additional campaigns targeting specific audiences and optimize towards key performance indicators (KPIs).”

Here more info about the 4 Data providers

Oracle Data Cloud operates the world’s largest audience data marketplace, powered by the industry’s best data science in the Oracle ID Graph and leveraging more than $3 trillion in consumer purchase data. Oracle Data Cloud’s data network includes more than 15 million websites worldwide, as well as 1,500 of the largest online and offline data providers. By using Oracle data, Taboola brands and advertisers can use the strength of the Oracle Data Cloud’s demographic and interest data to reach their current and potential customers.

Neustar is a leader in identity science with one of the industry’s most authoritative sources of data, connecting offline and online behaviors to form a singular view of the consumer. Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences provide Taboola’s clients with over 20,000 offline and online predictive attributes derived from data sources, such as market research, retail purchase behavior, loyalty card programs and national panel data, to reach consumers most predisposed to a brand, product or service. Neustar AdAdvisor Audiences can help advertisers find the best potential prospects online at massive scale.

Acxiom’s InfoBase gives marketers the customer and prospect information to make smarter, faster marketing decisions. With the most accurate, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute data available anywhere, marketers can better understand their best customers — and find more like them, whether it’s via targeted digital display ads, addressable TV, social media, mail, email or phone. The same great data that has powered “offline” targeted marketing efforts for decades can also be used online, while protecting consumer privacy and anonymity. In addition, Acxiom’s also Personicx segmentation product provides insights for predefined audience segments with similar needs and attitudes. These segments can be used alone or with other segments for more precise targeting.

Bombora is the leading provider of intent data for B2B marketers. Bombora’s data aligns marketing and sales teams, enabling them to base their actions on the knowledge of what companies are in market for which products. The source of this data is the first co-operative of premium B2B media companies. Members contribute content consumption and behavioral data about their audiences. In turn, they can better understand their audiences, serve advertisers and monetize their inventory. Learn more about Bombora at

Visible access to advertisers

Taboola is providing a visible access to the data with the “By Audience” report, and “when you log in as a Taboola marketer to the data marketplace, you’ll be presented with a list of data providers, alongside a predicted cost per acquisition (CPA), suggesting what type of performance you should expect if you were to add a new campaign with that data company.” Taboola also promisses that advertisers “only pay for data based on your performance, when people actually click and discover your content, products and landing pages using the data provider you chose.”