Taboola sees rapid adoption of its new Maximize Conversions bidding

Taboola sees rapid adoption of its new Maximize Conversions bidding

Taboola yesterday announced the rapid adoption of its performance advertising-focused bidding technology, Maximize Conversions. Since its launch just three months ago, Maximize Conversions has already been adopted by half of Taboola's advertisers, including Hyundai, ERGO, Leica Camera, Sonova, Peugeot Turkey, and Opel Turkey. Some advertisers have even seen a remarkable 110% increase in conversions using the new technology.

Maximize Conversions empowers Taboola advertisers to move beyond traditional manual Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding strategies. Instead of manually adjusting bids for each ad, advertisers can simply specify their budget and let Taboola's AI algorithm automatically bid in the most effective way to drive conversions while staying within budget.

This approach has already proven to be successful for advertisers. By using Maximize Conversions, advertisers can boost conversions while maintaining their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). In addition, Maximize Conversions has reduced the time it takes advertisers to achieve optimal results for their campaigns.

“Maximize Conversion is one of our most rapidly adopted offerings ever,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder, Taboola. “The world’s top advertisers are embracing it because it takes the guesswork out of CPC bidding, it clearly produces results, and it is based on AI that is trained with an understanding of their consumers–one that is unique to Taboola. We’re connecting advertisers with customers quickly and easily, no matter what goal an advertiser has.”

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