The 5 recommendations from IAB UK to buy ads that drive attention

IAB UK, this summer released a Study called The Rules of Attention. The study explains the 5 rules for boosting ad attention online. IAB UK tested the quality of the environment, the location of the ad, the device-appropriate ad units, the targeting, and whether the cuttler matters.

The results point out that content sites and premium content sites generate more attention to ads than task sites. Task sites are related to meteorology, tests, etc. Content sites examples include Reddit, and Mashable. Premium content sites include The Guardian and Daily Mail.

The study concludes that fewer ads per screen generate more attention per ad. More relevant the targeting, the higher attention the ads generate. The ad position matters and ads below the fold can also generate high levels of attention when interest in the content is high. The study also discovered that ads optimized for the platform they are shown to boost attention.

IAB UK’s recommendations for the advertisers:

  1. Select high-quality environments;
  2. For maximum impact keep ads inline or use persistent formats;
  3. Make sure there aren’t too many ads on the screen at any time;
  4. Use high-quality first-party data to target people in the market;
  5. Invest time in made-for-device creative.

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