The Trade Desk files paperwork to go public; expect 86.3M USD

The Trade Desk dropped yesterday the form S-1 in the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which indicates that the company is going public IPO. According to AdExchanger, The Trade Desk hopes to raise 86.3M Dollars in the offering.

In 2015, the independent DSP went from 280 clients to 389 and revenue is booming, with a growth of 83% in the first 6 months of 2016.

In 2015, The Trade Desk revenue was 114M dollars and in the first six months of 2016, the revenue was 78M dollars.

See here how The Trade Desk positioned themselves in the market:

  • We are a technology company that empowers advertising agencies and helps them purchase advertising more efficiently and effectively. We provide an intuitive self-serve platform that enables our clients to manage data-driven, digital advertising campaigns using their own teams.
  • We Are an Enabler, Not a Disruptor. With our self-serve platform, we enable advertising agencies and service providers. We do not compete with our clients by selling our platform directly to their advertisers. Our self-service technology platform provides control to our clients and gives us the benefits of a highly scalable business model.
  • We Are Exclusively Focused on the Buy-Side. We focus on buyers since they control the advertising budgets. Also, the supply of digital advertising inventory exceeds demand, and accordingly we believe it is a buyer’s market. We also believe that by aligning our business only with buyers, we are able to avoid inherent conflicts of interest that exist when serving both the buy- and sell-side. This focus allows us to build trust with clients, many of whom incorporate their proprietary data into our platform.
  • We Are Data-Driven. Our technology platform was founded on the principle that data-driven decisions would be the future of advertising. We built a data management platform first, before building our ad buying technology. While data from disparate third-party data providers can improve campaign performance, our clients’ success often relies largely on our ability to ingest first-party data from brands and their agencies to enable intelligent decisioning that optimizes advertising campaigns.
  • We Do Not Arbitrage Advertising Inventory. To further align our interests with those of our clients, we do not buy advertising inventory in order to resell it to our clients for a profit. Instead, we provide our clients with a technology platform that allows them to manage their omnichannel advertising campaigns, on a self-serve basis and with full transparency. We derive substantially all of our revenue from ongoing master service agreements with our clients rather than episodic insertion orders.
  • We Are a Clear Box, Not a Black Box. Our platform is transparent and shows our clients their costs of advertising inventory, data, our platform fee and detailed performance metrics on their advertising campaigns. Our clients directly access and execute campaigns on our platform, control all facets of inventory purchasing decisions, and receive detailed, real-time reporting on all their advertising campaigns.
  • We Are an Open Platform. Clients can customize and build their own features on top of our platform. Clients may use our application programming interfaces, or APIs, to, for example, design their own user interface, bulk manage advertising campaigns, and link other systems including ad servers or reporting tools. As of June 30, 2016, all of our top 10 clients used our APIs.
  • We Are Omnichannel. Our platform enables our clients to deliver unified advertising campaigns across multiple devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, digital TV and broadcast TV. We also support multiple formats, including display, video, broadcast TV, connected TV, mobile web, in-app mobile and native. The breadth of data that we collect from a multitude of data sources across all channels gives our clients a holistic view of audiences, enabling more effective targeting across different channels.