TMT LAB Releases Spot Direct™ to Synchronize Prime Time TV Spots With Google DoubleClick and Twitter on any Second Screen

TMT LAB Inc. has announced the integration of its patent pending TV/online ad synchronization solution called Spot Direct™ with Twitter™ and Google DoubleClick™ inventories.

Spot Direct™ is a unique tool that solves a problem as old as the consumer Internet: How to synchronize TV spots with a material percentage of available and actionable online inventories – in real time.

Spot Direct™ eliminates the guesswork of which spot is airing (and when) by working closely with broadcasters. It is fully integrated with all Google DoubleClick and sponsored tweet inventories. These integrations give ad agencies and brands the opportunity to make TV ads actionable online from any second screen, optimize digital campaigns while increasing online engagement and conversions without increasing advertising budgets.

“Spot Direct™ will have a profound effect on marketers’ sales funnels as calls to action in the TV creative will be able to direct viewers to engage with the brand with one click on the second screen in front of them,” said Rodrigo Madriz, Co-Founder and CEO of TMT LAB. “Brands may choose to use that click to add an item to a mobile shopping bag, book a test drive, request a printed catalog, or simply go to the advertiser’s website. What is more, Spot Direct™ early tests have shown enormous online campaign optimization potential by booking online campaigns that coincide seamlessly with Prime Time TV spots.”

Multiple studies have confirmed that anywhere between 60-80% of TV audiences of Top Prime Time shows are simultaneously using a second screen (smartphone, tablet or laptop), however, existing solutions to date have failed to reach a meaningful share of those audiences in real time.

These solutions have relied on either pay TV set top boxes working in coordination with ISP routers or, more recently, on Automated Content Recognition (ACR). Drawbacks from these implementations include: not having a large enough installed base of available, synchronizable screens; major delays in activating online inventories; and/or converting microphones in second screens or televisions into potentially privacy-compromising eavesdropping tools.

Spot Direct™ integrations with Twitter™ and Google DoubleClick™ gives brands access to close to 40% of all digital ad inventories. In the next few weeks, Spot Direct™ will also be integrated with Facebook™, Instagram™, Snapchat™, LinkedIn™, AOL™, Yahoo™ and others, providing a single hub for ad agencies and brands to reach online audiences regardless of demographics.

Spot Direct™ is currently being evaluated by a leading North American broadcaster and it is expected to become available for brands/agencies who have bought spots on Top 10 weekly broadcasts in select markets starting in mid September 2016.