TPS Engage’s DOOH DSP partners with Adsquare

TPS Engage’s DOOH DSP partners with Adsquare

Adsquare this week announced that it has been integrated into TPS Engage’s DOOH DSP. Advertisers using TPS Engage’s DOOH DSP can now use Adsquare segments to cross-reference TPS Engage connected screens.

TPS Engage’s DOOH DSP services over 100.000 digital billboards in 25 countries.

TPS Engage says that planning dynamic campaigns using TPS Engage’s dynamic possibilities and Adsquare’s data is possible on demand for clients.

“Data and flexibility are the key drivers of DOOH in 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic still taking a toll on traditional media buyers, we’ve seen more and more advertisers push for data accountability and planning possibilities for Digital Out of Home. Partnerships like the one we’re announcing today with Adsquare are a huge step forward in transforming the industry into a more data-driven one” said Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage CEO.

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