TRACKTICS, a tracker for footballers and football coaches

There is an app from a startup that promises to revolutionise the world of football. Based in Frankfurt, TRACKTICS was designed for footballers and football coaches and is a unique project for football tracking.

TRACKTICS is a tracker and an app, designed to analyse the performance on a football field. There are apps to track activities such as running, swimming, but most not in team/group sports, and that is what TRACKTICS does.

With TRACKTICS is possible to tracking the performance of a single player or to track the performance of a soccer team. They design a team box that contains 20 trackers!

With the individual solution, it works like a normal exercise tracker, measuring distance (with GPS), pacing, elevation, jogging, inactive/walking. The interesting part with the individual tracking is that is possible to compare the results between the different players, and see who was the top player.

On the team solution, we can see the unique offer of TRACKTICS, and what makes this app so special. Here we can see the real tactical setup, and the app even provides an heat map regarding the athletic performance, and a comparison between the results of each player, in an aggregated way.

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