Triton Digital and ID5 collaborate to transform Audio advertising targeting

Triton Digital and ID5 collaborate to transform Audio advertising targeting

Triton Digital this week announced it has teamed up with ID5, a top identity provider in digital advertising, to introduce advanced audience targeting solutions to Triton's Audio Marketplace.

This move aims to streamline addressability within audio advertising while safeguarding user privacy worldwide.

Triton Digital's innovative Identity Enrichment product will allow customers to access the identifiers supplied by ID5. This integration will empower Triton's clients to enrich their audio listener profiles with more granular and precise audience data. According to Triton Digital, ID5's state-of-the-art universal identifier employs diverse, consented signals from media owners, enabling secure user identification without jeopardizing privacy or data protection measures.

This enhanced addressability will empower advertisers to interact with their intended users more effectively within the audio space – a sector that presently lacks a standardized metric for transactions.

“At ARN, our partnership with Triton Digital and ID5 signifies a pivotal moment in audio advertising. This collaboration enhances our targeting precision and compliance with privacy regulations, allowing us to create richer listener profiles,” said Fayad Tohme, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at ARN. “We’re excited about the possibilities this brings, making audio an even more compelling avenue for advertisers to connect with their audiences. Being a partner in the proof-of-concept phase allowed us to convert 60% of our un-addressable audience to addressable, greatly benefiting our advertisers and trading partners."

Currently, the Triton Audio Marketplace provides access to one of the world's largest audio audience pools, enabling marketers and agencies to seamlessly transact across all forms of audio inventory. This groundbreaking inclusion of listener profiles and greater inventory addressability will empower advertisers to forge meaningful connections and reach wider audiences, solidifying audio advertising as a powerful investment channel rivaling or even surpassing traditional media formats.

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