Triton Digital releases the top 100 podcasts in Australia

Last month, the podcast Stuff You Should Know (ARN/iHeartMedia) reclaimed the #1 spot as the most downloaded podcast in Australia.

Triton Digital releases the top 100 podcasts in Australia

Triton Digital this month released the Top 100 Podcasts in Australia through 31 December 2020, as measured by Triton’s Podcast Metrics measurement service.

Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics measurement service is certified by the IAB Tech Lab as complying with Version 2.0 of the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines.

Top 10 podcasts in Australia

  1. Stuff You Should Know
  2. Casefile True Crime
  3. Hamish & Andy
  4. From The Newsroom
  5. 7am
  6. Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne
  7. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
  8. The Kyle & Jackie O Show
  9. Sky News - News Bulletin (Google Home)
  10. No Such Thing As A Fish

Top 10 podcast publishers in Australia

  1. ARN/iHeartMedia
  2. SCA
  3. Audioboom
  4. Stitcher
  5. News Corp Australia
  6. Wondery
  7. Nova
  8. Nine
  9. Sports Entertainment Network (SEN)
  10. Schwartz Media

According to Triton Digital, a number of new entities appear in the Top 100 Podcast Ranker in this reporting period, including Something Was Wrong (Audioboom), Your Morning Mantra (Podshape), and Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast (Audioboom). Additionally, Stuff You Should Know (ARN/iHeartMedia) reclaimed the #1 spot as the most downloaded podcast in the country this reporting period.

Total downloads of all shows by all participating publishers in December is 37.6 million.

Participating publishers in the Australian Ranker include ARN/iHeartMedia, Audioboom, Babyology, Fear and Greed, Kinderling Kids Radio, NBC News, News Corp Australia, Nine, Nova, Podshape, Schwartz Media, Southern Cross Austereo, Sports Entertainment Network, Stitcher, TOFOP Productions, Wavelength Creative, West Australian Newspapers, and Wondery.

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