Twitch Recap 2023

Twitch Recap 2023
Twitch Recap 2023

Twitch Recap 2023 went live today. Twitch Recap is a personalized experience that showcases users' most memorable moments, and favorite streamers.

To amplify the Recap experience, Twitch encourages everyone to share their Recap using the hashtag #TwitchRecap.

Streamers can host Recap streams, celebrating their year with their communities.

Streamers can tag their Recap streams with #TwitchRecap to be featured on the Together for Recap Shelf.

The Together for Recap Shelf will be a curated collection of Recap streams from streamers around the world.

Twitch is awarding an exclusive Recap Chat Badge to the most active Twitch users of 2023. Users can earn goat emote heads in the Twitch Recap Game, which launched on December 8 PT.

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