Verizon Media joins DPAA

Verizon Media joins DPAA

DPAA last month announced that Verizon Media has joined the association. Verizon Media offers a digital media platform that advertisers and media owners plan, buy and scale digital media across screens.

According to DPAA, Verizon Media offers a full-stack digital out-of-home solution through its demand side and supply side platforms.

“The presence of Verizon Media in the out-of-home space speaks to the digitization of our medium and the tremendous impact that programmatic holds to grow the space, particularly as brands need to quickly find ways to re-engage consumers as they once again are out and about. We welcome Verizon Media to our community of members and look forward to their participation in our member town hall meetings, think-tank sessions and so much more,” said Barry Frey, DPAA President & CEO.

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