Viacom will start using FreeWheel on connected tv and video ads

Viacom and Comcast this week announced a multi-year agreement to partner on advertising and data. Viacom will integrate FreeWheel ad tech on connected tv and on video ads.

According to FreeWheel, under the new partnership, Viacom and FreeWheel (Comcast) will collaborate to “monetize premium inventory in a more efficient, targeted/addressable manner. Viacom will use FreeWheel’s unified operating platform for premium video, and will deploy features including Holistic Advertising Management to monetize across all screens, FreeWheel’s Unified Monetization Platform and other powerful technologies pioneered by Comcast.”

“Viacom and FreeWheel have a shared goal of enhancing the value of the entire TV ecosystem,” said David Clark, EVP and General Manager, FreeWheel. “To do so, we believe in a shared vision of a TV and premium video unification roadmap that will accelerate the integration of TV’s broad reach and quality content with advanced cross-platform targeting, measurement and optimization capabilities.”