Video: Publishers using IMA SDK (Google) might want to change implementation due to Safari update

Publishers using IMA SDK for HTML5, from Google, to serve video ads, might want to change the implementation due to Safari update, that blocks auto-play videos. MacOS High Sierra update included a new version of Safari, Safari 11, that removes support for auto-playing videos unless they are muted.

Publishers that have auto plays unmuted video with the IMA SDK have to change their implementation, as stated by Google on December 13, with Safari 11, users will see the first frame of the ad, but the ad will not play.

According to Google, to “resolve this, publishers can either change the implementation to click-to-play or attempt to autoplay and revert to click-to-play if that fails.”

A new error will fire if the SDK is asked to autoplay an ad but is prevented from doing so by the browser.