Who’s watching OTT video via connected TV?

Nielsen did research and concluded that connected tv viewers are mostly persons under the age of 34. Homes with streaming devices are also 30% more likely to be higher income, earning more than $100,000 per year.

There is a shift of behavior from the broadcast tv into the connected TV. Nielsen says that connected TV users will spend 42 hours per month on devices like Roku, Amazon Fire, and AppleTV. Nielsen sees more digital-first, and TV media companies invest in new connected TV offerings and direct-to-consumer streaming services.

In the US, two-thirds of Americans own at least a single connected device today. That means 224 million people can consume media and advertising on their terms, from catching a live episode of their favorite sitcom to binge-watching an entire season of a show through an OTT app.

Despite the immense freedom that OTT offers, nearly 63% of TV-connected device usage occurs in the living room. And as a result, living room viewing has become a more personalized, choice-driven experience that has opened the door to new opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers.