X Expands Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers in Vertical Video

X Expands Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers in Vertical Video

X today announced that it will be expanding access to its successful vetted inventory pilot with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a leading global media measurement and optimization platform, to all US advertisers starting February 1, 2024.

This partnership will provide advertisers with maximum control over where their ads appear exclusively on the X vertical video feed, ensuring that their brands are not associated with inappropriate or harmful content.

As part of this expanded partnership, IAS will classify all Vertical Video Ad adjacencies for brand safety and suitability aligned to the GARM framework. This will give advertisers peace of mind knowing that their ads are running in a safe and secure environment, and that their brands are not being tarnished by association with controversial or sensitive content.

In addition to the expansion of the IAS partnership, X has also made significant investments in its brand safety team. The company has hired a new partner manager and an operations manager, and the team will continue to expand in Q1. This increased focus on brand safety will ensure that X continues to provide advertisers with the highest level of protection for their brands.

X also announced the growing adoption of its customizable keyword- and author-based Adjacency Controls for X’s home timeline. These controls allow advertisers to prevent their ads from being placed among specific terms or accounts identified by the advertiser. Advertisers have been quick to adopt these controls, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that their ads are not associated with undesirable content.

X is also seeing growing interest in its simple, high-level Sensitivity Settings. These settings allow advertisers to set a general level of sensitivity for their ads, and X will automatically filter out content that is not compliant with that setting. This is a quick and easy way for advertisers to improve the brand safety of their campaigns without having to do any manual work.

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