Youtube has a new Logo

The new Youtube logo

The biggest video publisher in the world has a new logo since this month. According to Google, the new logo represents a new clean design, “that lets content shine and new ways to watch like dark theme and adjustable speed playback on mobile, the redesigned experience now looks cleaner and more consistent across both desktop and mobile devices.”

The navigation tabs were moved to the bottom of the app so they’re closer to your thumbs. A new Library and new Account tabs were added, that gives easy access to what users are looking for.

Youtube, 12 years of evolution

Youtube was founded 12 years ago. Back then, Youtube was a website that supported one video format, 320×240 at 4:3 aspect ratio. Today Youtube supports SD, HD, 4K, 360, 3-D, and live video on nearly every device with an internet connection – from desktops to phones, tablets to TVs, game consoles, and even VR headsets.

Youtube Desktop Evolution