YouTube streamlines CTV Ads with Fewer Breaks and Shorts integration

YouTube this week announced it will display fewer ad breaks in CTV and the launch Shorts ads for connected TVs (CTVs).

YouTube CTV Ad
YouTube CTV Ad

YouTube this week announced it will display fewer ad breaks in CTV and the launch Shorts ads for connected TVs (CTVs).


Fewer Ad Breaks in CTV

Fewer Ad Breaks in CTV

YouTube has conducted research to understand viewer preferences regarding ad breaks. The findings revealed that 79% of viewers prefer video ads grouped together instead of being scattered throughout a video. This insight prompted YouTube to evaluate the implementation of fewer, longer ad breaks.

Early testing of this approach on CTVs demonstrated the following results: over half of YouTube CTV streamers experienced 29% longer viewing sessions before encountering the next ad break. This indicates that the new format is more conducive to uninterrupted viewing.

To further enhance the viewing experience, YouTube is introducing the option for viewers to see the total time remaining in the ad break and skip straight to the content. These enhancements are expected to roll out globally soon.

Shorts Ads take center stage on CTVs

YouTube is introducing Shorts ads to CTVs. This expansion will allow brands to reach their target audience even when they're watching Shorts on their living room TVs.

The viewer experience for Shorts ads on CTVs will remain consistent with mobile, enabling viewers to easily navigate through ads using their TV remotes. Advertisers can tap into Shorts ads across various campaigns, including video reach, video view, and Shorts-specific options such as YouTube Select Shorts, First Position on Shorts, and Trending Music on Shorts.

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