AdColony says is now full compatible with IAS, DoubleVerify and MOAT

AdColony today announced that the company is fully compatible with all major viewability measurement partners for both programmatic and managed service campaigns.

AdColony said today that “is the first in-app video marketplace to partner with Integral Ad Science (IAS), MOAT and DoubleVerify, providing a range of options that will give AdColony customers the flexibility to work with the ad quality measurement vendor of their choice.”

“User-initiated in-app video is proving to be the most effective ad format in digital media, and we’ve seen that compared to mobile web, the in-app experience is more user friendly and brings better results. However, the lack of transparency has held the space back,” said Şekip Can Gökalp, EVP, exchange at AdColony. “We want to make in-app advertising 100 percent transparent, and when marketers can compare in-app to other formats in a measurable way, we are confident that they will continue to shift spend into the space.”

AdColony, since integrating with MOAT in 2016, has delivered results over 100 percent higher than benchmarks in multiple categories. Here some highlights from AdColony:

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