Adform claims it’s ready for the end of third-party cookies

Adform claims it’s ready for the end of third-party cookies

Adform this week announced that advertisers can now use first-party IDs on their platform without the use of third-party cookies. Adform says that agencies can share first-party data and IDs with Adform to target specific audiences, and report results, without the use of any third-party cookies.

Adform tested the solution with the European publishing group Sanoma, marketing agency Dagmar, and IPG MediaBrands.

“This venture is a great example of what can be achieved when publishers and technology companies come together. Working as one, we can be consistently at the forefront of industry development; and effectively preparing for the coming demise of third-party cookies with first-party centric digital advertising,” said Jaakko Kuivalainen, Director, Digital Advertising Business, at Sanoma.

Adform states that first-party IDs and data live longer than third-party cookies, and without the need for hundreds of third-party cookies, compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA will be easier.

“We have proved that it is possible to switch from third-party cookies to first-party IDs and, as such, have provided a leap into the future of digital marketing. The industry is on an inevitable road to life without third-party cookies and ongoing success for the open ecosystem will depend on collaboration. So far, publisher announcements around first-party data have represented positive yet individual approaches, now it’s clear that working together presents a more powerful way to ensure profitability for independent publishers. In fact, the evidence of how impactful shared first-party IDs can be has already led to many agencies and sales houses to express interest in moving spend away from media giants,” comments Jakob Bak, CTO, Adform.

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