Adform discovered HyphBot: one of the largest botnets to hit mostly USA

Adform’s fraud team announced this week a “major discovery and have identified what is potentially the biggest bot network ever to hit” online advertising industry. The size of the HyphBot is “3-4 times the size of the famous Methbot network that was discovered by WhiteOps, around 11 months ago and targets premium inventory.”

Adform released this whitepaper so partner SSPs and DSPss learn and improve their own approaches and eliminate not only HyphBot but also safeguard against similar networks.

HyphBot was active on 14 different exchanges and SSPs, generating up to 1.5 billion requests per day and it generated fake traffic on more than 34,000 different domains. Adform analysis “suggests that infected devices – a network of bots – accessing the Internet from more than half a million IP addresses (mostly from the US) are responsible for this wave of non-human traffic.”

Ads.txt didn`t prevent HyphBot

Adform says that “Ads.txt didn’t guarantee “fraud-free.” Domain owners “need to have faith that the publisher or authorized seller / reseller does not inflate the traffic by mixing legitimate traffic with traffic from bot networks.”

Adform says that has “already have examples where premium domains have now added networks that were sending traffic from this botnet to their ads.txt files.”