Salesfusion launches new Landing Page Builder

Salesfusion announced this week a new Landing Page Builder that allows users to create landing pages quickly. With easy-to-use features such as the drag-and-drop designer, the innovative new module makes it quick and simple for marketers to create landing pages that engage and convert visitors.

Specializing in providing marketing automation for small and mid-size businesses, Salesfusion is providing marketers access to tools and resources they need to easily build campaign components including emails, forms, and landing pages. This latest release allows users to develop completely mobile-responsive pages in a few clicks.

“Using Salesfusion’s drag-and-drop builders for campaign components, like landing pages, allows Epicom to create entire marketing programs in-house without coding skills,” said Katie Liesmann, marketing manager at Epicom. “We’ve learned that the best use of our time and budget is to focus on creating compelling campaigns and landing pages that convert leads within our target audience — not on paying for expensive resources to manually build marketing assets, and Salesfusion’s drag-and-drop builders align to that strategy.”

Combined with Salesfusion’s previously released Email and Form Builders, the time-saving Landing Page Builder gives users the perfect tools to streamline the creation of campaign components. Greg Villines, Vice President of Product and Engineering at Salesfusion explained.

“Marketers need access to easy-to-use tools that enable them to do their jobs better and more efficiently, Because most marketing automation providers have previously failed to deliver intuitive landing page builders, many users have been forced to purchase additional, third-party solutions. We’ve closed that gap by delivering a complete marketing automation platform that allows marketers to streamline the creation of campaigns all in one place.”