AdMob Report Revamp: Hourly Data, CSV Exports, and Custom Comparisons

AdMob Report Revamp: Hourly Data, CSV Exports, and Custom Comparisons
AdMob Report Revamp

AdMob this week upped the reporting with updates designed to publishers sharper insights into their app's monetization performance.

AdMob is introducing several enhancements to its reporting suite, designed to provide publishers with more granular data, flexible comparison options, and expanded export capabilities.

Access Hourly Data: Publishers can now access hourly data for any day within the past 28 days. This increased granularity allows for more precise analysis of app performance fluctuations and identification of optimal monetization times.

Download User Activity Reports: CSV file downloads are now available for User Activity reports, enabling publishers to export and analyze the data outside of the AdMob interface. This expanded accessibility facilitates deeper audience understanding and supports the development of more informed marketing strategies.

Customize Comparison Periods: Previously limited to predefined comparisons (e.g., previous period, previous year), publishers can now define custom date ranges for comparison purposes within report charts. This flexibility empowers publishers to track progress against specific marketing campaigns, seasonal trends, or any other relevant timeframe.

Clarified Incompatibility: To avoid confusion arising from incompatible metric and dimension combinations, AdMob now greys out such options and provides clear explanations upon hovering. This proactive measure streamlines the reporting process and ensures users select valid data combinations.

These enhancements collectively aim to:

  • Empower data-driven decision making: By providing more granular insights, publishers can make informed choices regarding app monetization strategies.
  • Optimize ad placements: Identifying peak performance periods allows for targeted ad placement adjustments, potentially leading to increased revenue.
  • Gain deeper user understanding: Exporting User Activity data facilitates comprehensive audience analysis, informing broader marketing efforts.
  • Track progress against custom goals: Custom comparison periods offer unmatched flexibility for monitoring performance against specific objectives.

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