Adobe unveils Conversational AI for PDFs with AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat

Adobe unveils Conversational AI for PDFs with AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat
Adobe AI Assistant

Adobe today introduced AI Assistant, a new generative AI-powered tool within Reader and Acrobat software. This beta feature promises to unlock new levels of document intelligence by facilitating conversation-based information retrieval and content creation.

AI Assistant leverages machine learning models similar to those behind Acrobat Liquid Mode, enabling:

  • Conversational information access: Ask questions about PDF content and receive answers directly within the program.
  • Automatic summarization: Generate concise overviews of lengthy documents.
  • Intelligent citations: Cite sources used by AI Assistant for increased transparency and trust.
  • Easy navigation: Quickly find relevant sections within documents through clickable links.
  • Formatted output: Request summaries, email snippets, presentation points, and more directly from AI Assistant.

Initially available as a beta in Acrobat Individual, Pro, and Teams subscriptions, AI Assistant will eventually be offered as an add-on subscription for both Reader and Acrobat users.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Streamlined workflow: Simplify tasks like research, report creation, and document review.
  • Enhanced comprehension: Gain deeper understanding of complex documents.
  • Increased productivity: Save time spent manually searching and processing information.
  • Personalization: Generate content tailored to specific needs and audiences.
  • Accessibility: Expand document usability for individuals with disabilities.

Focus on Security and Ethics

  • Data security protocols guarantee that no user document content is stored or used for training AI Assistant without consent.
  • LLM-agnostic approach enables selection of best-in-class technologies.
  • Development aligns with Adobe's AI Ethics processes.

Future Vision

This release marks the beginning of Adobe's plan to leverage generative AI for transforming document experiences. Future developments include:

  • Cross-document and format insights: Analyze information across multiple sources simultaneously.
  • AI-powered authoring and editing: Simplify content creation and revision.
  • Intelligent document design: Leverage AI for creative and professional layouts.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Streamline and personalize the feedback process.

Pricing and Availability

AI Assistant is currently available in beta on desktop and web for English-speaking users in Acrobat Standard, Pro, Individual, and Teams subscriptions. Reader users will gain access in the coming weeks. Other languages are planned for the future. A private beta is available for enterprise customers.

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