AdSense automatic experiments will now run on 10,000 daily impressions

Google today sent a message to publishers announcing the change of the automatic experiments on Adsense. Automatic Experiments currently are running on 5% of the traffic, but Google will change to run on around 10,000 daily impressions per experiment, starting on 28th June. Publishers with less than 10,000 daily impressions will have an a/b testing with 50% of the total daily impressions.

Google says that will provide more customised opportunities by changing the way automatic tests are conducted. Automatic experiments are enabled by default, but Adsense publishers can disable it on the tab Optimization / Experiments.

Examples of automatic experiments:

  • Compare the performance of text-only ad units to ad units that have both text and display enabled;
  • Analyse the effect of changing the colour of ad text on ad performance;
  • Determine the impact on your revenue of using ad serving, sensitive and/or general category blocks.