AdsWizz integrates PodScribe’s contextual-targeting solution for podcasts

AdsWizz this week integrated the PodScribe’s contextual-targeting solution for podcasts on AdsWizz’s AudioMatic platform. PodScribe has been in private beta for more than a year, and has been tested with podcast publishers.

PodScribe is available with select publishers and advertisers around the world, in multiple languages.

AdsWizz says PodScribe integration provides valuable targeting and brand safety features for advertisers while enhancing monetization for publishers.

PodScribe has a solution using speech-to-text transcription technology to provide insight into podcast content, and enables advertisers to target by keywords, concepts, topics, and interests within the podcast.

“The podcast industry can only truly take off if ad buying is easy and accessible,” said Alexis Van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “In order to fully scale, podcast advertising needs to evolve the way programmatic buyers look at digital audio as a whole. Solutions like PodScribe™ and our relationships with major podcast publishers all over the world will enable the industry to grow in a way that is safe for advertisers.”

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