Advertising industry companies launch an European Addressable Media Initiative

Last month, Amobee, Carbon, Comscore, Finecast, LiveRamp, Lotame, Neustar and PubMatic, in association with The Project X Institute, announced the launch of the European Addressable Media Initiative.

The European Addressable Media Initiative will support the development of addressable media in Europe.

In the announcement, the participants compromise in developing an overview of the European identity resolution and addressable media landscape, with a taxonomy of definitions and frameworks, a review of the key challenges and opportunities for media owners, agencies, and advertisers, an analysis of the decisions facing participants in European advertising markets, and a set of practical recommendations for European advertisers and media owners.

“The media landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift toward a privacy -first world with consumer privacy and consent at the heart. Publishers, buyers and the ecosystem more broadly need to rethink data-driven advertising. Many approaches are being explored, from alternative identifiers based on email data, to reviving contextual targeting, to first party data. However, one thing remains true: there will not be a one-size-fits-all approach and therefore none of these should be explored in a silo," said Emma Newman, Chief Revenue Officer, EMEA, at PubMatic.

The new initiative is being led by The Project X Institute (PXI), a think tank and strategic advisory collective for the media and advertising industries, founded by industry veterans Ian Maude and Jon Watts.

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