Amazon Ads launches Sponsored TV

Amazon Ads launches Sponsored TV
Sponsored TV

Amazon Ads this month launched Sponsored TV, a pre-packaged solution that includes retail-aware, shoppable ad formats, making it easy for brands to get started with streaming TV advertising and drive measurable results.

Sponsored TV is available to vendors and seller brand owners in North America in Amazon Ads console.

Amazon says Sponsored TV enable advertisers to reach relevant viewers across streaming TV services with no minimum spend requirements or upfront commitments, use Amazon's first-party insights to target audiences based on likely content interests and product categories on Amazon, create interactive ad formats to connect with viewers and drive conversions.

Sponsored TV is a self-service ad solution that allows brands of all sizes to reach audiences on streaming TV services, including Amazon Freevee, Twitch, and third-party streaming TV services through Fire TV apps.

The launch of Sponsored TV is significant because it makes streaming TV advertising more accessible and affordable for brands of all sizes. In the past, streaming TV advertising has been largely out of reach for smaller brands due to the high costs and complex buying process. However, Sponsored TV removes these barriers, making it possible for any brand to reach their target audience on streaming TV.

Another important aspect of Sponsored TV is its focus on measurability. Amazon's first-party insights help brands to measure the reach and effectiveness of their campaigns, so they can be confident that their investments are paying off.

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