Amazon Ads unveils Persona Builder

Amazon Ads unveils Persona Builder
Amazon Persona Builder

Amazon Ads last month launched Persona Builder, a new tool enabling advertisers to generate and analyze custom audience personas based on Amazon's first-party data.


  • Discovery and Validation: Persona Builder utilizes Amazon's data to uncover and confirm audience shopping and streaming behaviors, including relevant life events and interests.
  • Custom Persona Creation: Existing audience segments can be combined to form bespoke brand personas. For instance, targeting premium fitness headphones could involve merging audiences interested in "technology," "headphones," and "fitness apparel."
  • Actionable Insights: The tool provides insights into the wants, needs, and motivations of personas.
  • Campaign Activation: Personas can be directly activated within Amazon Ads campaigns, reaching them across various channels.


  • Enhanced Audience Understanding: Persona Builder offers a deeper view of target audiences beyond basic demographics.
  • Improved Campaign Targeting: Campaigns tailored to specific personas can yield increased relevance and effectiveness.
  • Boosted Campaign Performance: Laser-focused messaging and targeting can lead to improved campaign results.
  • Expanded Audience Reach: Integration with Amazon DSP allows reaching personas beyond Amazon itself.


Persona Builder is currently accessible to managed service and self-service advertisers in multiple countries across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Access Methods:

  • Amazon DSP: The tool is directly integrated within the Amazon DSP platform.
  • API: Developers can leverage the Persona Builder API for programmatic control and workflow integration.

Further Information:

Detailed API documentation is available, outlining:

  • API Endpoints:
    • /insights/bandedSize: estimates audience size.
    • /insights/demographics: provides demographic insights.
    • /insights/topOverlappingAudiences: identifies similar audiences.
    • /insights/topCategoriesPurchased: reveals buying preferences.
    • /insights/primeVideo: analyzes Prime Video viewing habits.
    • /dsp/audiences/combinedAudiences: creates and saves combined audiences.

Persona Builder empowers advertisers to leverage data-driven insights for creating effective personas that drive marketing success.

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