Amazon DSP introduces a beta for Fire TV ads

Amazon DSP introduces a beta for Fire TV ads
Fire TV ads

Amazon this month announced a new beta for Fire TV ads in Amazon DSP. Advertisers can create campaigns to promote apps, movies, and TV shows to audiences browsing content on Fire TV.

According to Amazon, Fire TV ads are sponsored tiles that appear on the Fire TV home screen, helping engage customers while they’re browsing streaming TV content.

Amazon says app developers, Prime video channels, Prime video direct publishers and film distributors can leverage Fire TV ads to increase brand awareness and help drive app installs, video streams, rentals, purchases, and channel subscriptions.

Fire TV ads are cost-per-click. Advertisers can do interest-based targeting, based on genre or app interest. Amazon DSP is reporting in real-time, providing view impressions, clicks, click-through rates, video streams, and app installs.

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