Amazon DSP unveils recommendations to optimize campaign pacing with creative sizes

Amazon DSP unveils recommendations to optimize campaign pacing with creative sizes

Amazon DSP last month introduced a new campaign optimization tool to help advertisers improve delivery and performance. Campaign pacing is a crucial metric for advertisers, ensuring their ad spend is distributed according to their budget goals. The new feature, "Add missing creative sizes," addresses a common challenge that can impact pacing: missing creative assets.

Many ad formats require specific creative sizes to function properly. For instance, a display ad designed for a mobile device won't display correctly on a desktop computer. In the past, advertisers using Amazon DSP might unknowingly create campaigns lacking the necessary creative size variations for optimal delivery. This could lead to underpacing, where the campaign fails to spend its entire budget within the timeframe.

The "Add missing creative sizes" recommendation tackles this issue by proactively identifying opportunities for improvement. Within the Amazon DSP user interface (UI), advertisers will see an alert icon for ad lines that could benefit from additional creative sizes. Clicking the icon reveals a breakdown of the situation:

  • Opportunity to Add Missing Sizes: The recommendation highlights the specific creative sizes that are currently missing from the ad line.
  • Suggested Creatives: The system intelligently suggests existing, approved creatives that can be used to fill the missing size gaps. These creatives are already associated with other ad lines within the same order.
  • Preview of Creatives: Advertisers can preview both the currently used creatives and the recommended ones, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Streamlined optimization with a single click

By implementing the "Add missing creative sizes" recommendation, advertisers can improve campaign delivery with a single click. This eliminates the need to manually identify missing sizes, search for suitable creatives, and upload new assets. This streamlined process allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns more efficiently and potentially achieve better results.

Global availability and ease of use

The "Add missing creative sizes" recommendation is currently available to self-service advertisers in a significant number of regions, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. This feature is integrated directly within the Amazon DSP user interface, making it readily accessible to all users.

Benefits for advertisers

This new feature offers several key advantages for advertisers using Amazon DSP:

  • Improved Campaign Pacing: By addressing missing creative sizes, advertisers can potentially improve campaign delivery and ensure their budget is spent efficiently.
  • Enhanced Performance: With a wider range of creative sizes in play, advertisers can potentially reach a broader audience and achieve better campaign performance metrics.
  • Streamlined Campaign Management: The one-click recommendation system simplifies the process of optimizing creative assets, saving advertisers time and effort.

The introduction of the "Add missing creative sizes" recommendation demonstrates Amazon DSP's commitment to providing advertisers with tools to optimize their campaigns. By proactively identifying and addressing potential roadblocks like missing creative sizes, this feature can help advertisers achieve their advertising goals more effectively.

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