Amazon pushes Header Bidding on publishers

Amazon is doing a big push of their proprietary server side header bidding on U.K. publishers. Many publishers are concerned with this move from Amazon, and one commented anonymously to Digiday: “So there’s a new vendor in town who wants to take control of our supply and decisioning — what’s new? This time it just happens to be Amazon,”

Amazon is the new giant in advertising, with a power compared only with Google and Facebook, but contrary to the last ones, Amazon is not only a publisher competitor but also one of the main Advertisers in the world.

The nonquestion is: when publishers have the Header Bidding from Amazon, probably Amazon will always win the auctions they want.

Another publisher said that Amazon “needs to figure out if they’re an e-commerce company with an ad tech platform or an ad tech company that’s owned by an e-commerce firm. Because if they’re a media-tech firm, that means they need to be totally agnostic with regards to demand, but they won’t give you a proper answer on that if you ask.”

Amazon, like Google, is trying to push their bidding solutions, instead of working with the open source header bidding. This allows Amazon and Google to have more insights and control the auctions.