Amazon unveils Industry-First Matter Casting for Fire TV and Echo Show 15

Amazon unveils Industry-First Matter Casting for Fire TV and Echo Show 15
Matter Casting

Amazon this week announced Matter Casting, a new feature that enables seamless casting of content from supported streaming apps on iOS and Android devices to Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices. This industry-first implementation of Matter Casting marks a significant step forward in the adoption of open technology standards, giving customers more choice and control over their smart home devices.

With Matter Casting, customers can effortlessly cast content from their favorite streaming apps to their compatible Fire TV or Echo Show 15 device. Simply start watching a movie or browse for a new show on your phone, and with a simple tap, the content will seamlessly transition to your larger screen. This streamlined casting experience is made possible by Matter, an open standard for smart home devices, which ensures compatibility and interoperability across a wide range of devices and services.

Matter Casting is currently available for customers who want to cast Prime Video content from iOS and Android devices to Echo Show 15. In the coming months, Matter Casting will be expanded to compatible Fire TV devices, including smart TVs from Panasonic with Fire TV built in. Additionally, Amazon is collaborating with Plex, Pluto TV, Sling TV, STARZ, and ZDF to add Matter Casting support later this year.

This expansion of Matter Casting will further enhance the user experience for customers, providing them with greater flexibility and convenience when enjoying their favorite streaming content. By adopting open technology standards, Amazon is enabling a more interoperable and seamless smart home experience, empowering customers to choose the devices and services that best suit their needs.

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