Anyone Can Be an Influencer with CastingAsia

AdAsia Holdings, creator of the AdAsia Digital Platform, has announced today the launch of CastingAsia, opening up influencer marketing to all.

CastingAsia, a platform that connects influencers to brands across Asia, allows everyone to build a free profile and represent brands that matter to them. A person needs simply to access the CastingAsia influencer log-in and create a profile.

Through a person’s CastingAsia profile, individuals can enter brand preferences, interests and their social media accounts, to allow brands to find them for their influencer and social media campaigns.

Acting as a portal between individuals and brands, individuals can also request to represent brands under the campaign listing section, or reach out directly to brands through the platform. CastingAsia’s unique influencer to brand matching function also allows influencers to discover brands that match their interests.

By bringing brands to individuals, CastingAsia helps find campaigns that individuals are suitable for, and opens up opportunities for those with smaller networks. Individuals can also build their personal brand by aligning themselves with a particular brand cause or effort, and receive returns for it.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder, AdAsia Holdings, said: “Influencer marketing has seen a sharp uptake in Asia over the past few years, but there is still a large untapped pool of people who have the potential to be influencers.”

“We have also seen an increase in clients looking for micro-influencers — allowing a brand’s message to reach a narrower audience, resulting in more streamlined efforts and more effective results,” he said.

Well-performing influencers can also extend their brand engagement by becoming involved in further advertising and marketing efforts by brands.