Apple Podcasts receive an upgrade and now has two podcasts types

iOS 11 will roll out globally on 12 September and new updates for podcasts creators and for podcasts listeners will arrive. Apple has 400.000 podcasts with 14 million episodes. In 2016 around 10 billion episodes listened.

DJ Davis, Garth Jantzen, and James Boggs, from the Apple Podcast team, announced the updates on IOS 11 on June on this session (video).  Apple will support two types of podcasts: episodical and serial; and 3 episode types: full, trailer and bonus. See here the Apple Podcasts Spec Updates on iOS11 in a PDF.

The two types of Podcasts:

episodic (default): Specify episodic for stand-alone episodes or when you want your episodes presented and recommended last-to-first. This option also supports seasons, with the newest episode at the top. For new subscribers, Apple Podcasts adds the latest, most recent episode in their Library.

serial: Specify serial when you want your episodes presented and recommended first-to-last. This option supports narratives, storytelling, thematic, and multiple seasons.

The three types of Podcasts:

full (default): Specify full when you are submitting the complete content of a show.

trailer: Specify trailer when you are submitting a short, promotional piece of content that represents a preview of a show.

bonus: Specify bonus when you are submitting extra content for a show (for example, behind the scenes information or interviews with the cast).

Anyone can add a Podcast in Apple via Podcasts Connect.

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