Apple to release iOS 14 tomorrow, but without the consent manager

Apple to release iOS 14 tomorrow, but without the consent manager

Apple today announced that is releasing the iOS 14 tomorrow. Apple planned to add a compulsory consent manager in iOS, however, beginning of this month, Apple delayed the release to next year.

“iOS 14’s IDFA opt-in requirement signals poor execution on Apple’s part,” commented Luke Taylor, COO of TrafficGuard. “The opaque and rushed nature of the update is not a recipe for security,” and “advertisers shouldn’t relax for very long though, as a new release date of early next year is not too far away. The postponement will allow for proper testing and for advertisers to develop alternative solutions.”

“Apple recognizes the need for device identification in the prevention of fraudulent activity by cybercriminals, like payment fraud. However, they seem to have underestimated ad fraud, which is much easier to commit and more costly to businesses. Obviously, Apple has lots going on with the launch of new hardware and software, impacted by COVID. Let’s hope that once they are done, they can give this the time it deserves,” said the COO of TrafficGuard.

Facebook was already prepared for the lack of IDFA. Facebook announced that it would stop collecting IDFAs, but last week, given Apple’s delayed implementation of the user permission requirement, Facebook announced that will continue collecting IDFA on iOS 14 “in an attempt to reduce unnecessary disruption to Facebook customers’ businesses.”

For now, app developers need to submit the tracking information via the App Store Connect, so the App Store shows the information about the tracking used on each app by the end of the year.

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