Astound Commerce launches VTail, a video-etailing solution for ecommerce

Video-etailing is a live video shopping solution that brings the in-store experience to customers via mobile video.


Astound Commerce yesterday announced the launch of VTail, a video-etailing solution for ecommerce brands that reproduce the in-store experience via mobile video.

According to Astound Commerce, VTail integrates with websites and apps; group text chat; live-voice interaction, including invitation options; engagement with consultants; scrolling to the order button; scheduled and private tours; and connection to similar or related products in a catalogue.

“Astound’s next step for VTail will be embedding AI to further enhance any and all commerce ecosystems,” said Dmitry Golovatsky, Managing Director of Astound Labs. “We’ve been working on VTail for a long time, and during this difficult period it has really stepped up to be the right tool to sustain retail commerce for brands. But more than that, it points to the future. The pandemic will pass, but from this point on, ecommerce is retail commerce. And video shopping has become foundational to all ecommerce systems.”

Astound Commerce is a ecommerce specialist. Clients include Puma, L’Oréal, Under Armour, Louis Vuitton, Mattress Firm, and Calvin Klein.

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