B2B marketing platform BrightTALK launches a new intent insights tool

BrightTALK today launched a new intent insights tool. BrightTALK says the new intent insights tool empowers customers to gain a perspective into the viewing and buying behavior of the professionals in its communities.

The intent insights tool was built on top of the Intent Leads, a product for lead generation adopted by B2B clients. With the insights tool, BrightTALK’s clients can identify prospective leads with buying intent based on their content consumption and engagement activities.

According to BrightTALK, the Insights tool is powered by Ada, BrightTALK’s proprietary artificial intelligence machine, which monitors in real-time more than 100,000 talks on BrightTALK and identifies the most popular and trending topics among B2B professionals across industry verticals, including sales and marketing, legal services, IT, and HR.

BrightTALK says the Insights tool operates by selecting one or a range of topics from BrightTALK’s taxonomy of terms. Company size, geographical region, and seniority level data is also available.

“Intent marketing has been gaining significant popularity in the B2B community, but most marketers are still flying blind when they try to gauge the actual buying intent of prospective leads,” said Paul Heald, CEO of BrightTALK. “Our new insights engine for the first time takes the guesswork out of prospecting by providing tangible insights into areas where B2B buyers are looking for knowledge, insights, and solutions. We look forward to receiving ongoing feedback from our customers and continuing to perfect the product.”

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