Bing Ads move into display with new native ads on MSN and Outlook, the Microsoft Audience Network

In the last weeks, Microsoft was launching their own native ads network. It’s called Microsoft Audience Network and the placements are across sites like MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Edge, and other partner sites ( The new native ads are using the ad preferences of How Microsoft could scale Bing Ads? Microsoft Audience Network seems to be the answer.

MSN is keeping Taboola on MSN, but who appears first now first? In Germany, Microsoft Audience Network:

The first ad spaces are from Microsoft Audience Network and when there aren’t ads from advertisers, Bing is using the search ads to fill the native ad spaces. On this case I clicked in “Militär Jacken online kaufen”:

Microsoft created a product similar to Adsense Link Ads. Advertisers on Bing Ads Search will probably see an increase volume of impressions and clicks due to this change.

How can advertisers advertise on Microsoft Audience Network?

Advertisers can buy the new new native ad spaces from Microsoft via programmatic (Exchange: AppNexus) or via Bing Ads.  On Bing Ads, advertisers have the following targetings available: remarking, in-market audiences, custom audiences, product audiences, linkedIn profile targeting, age and gender targeting, location targeting, and device targeting. On Bing Ads, advertisers just need to upload a picture as image extension and do an expanded text ad.

How to see where the campaign ran?

Bing Ads has now 3 ad distribution placements: Search, Content and Native. Native refers to Microsoft Audience Ads. Advertisers can see the ad distribution in the reporting, including the Ad distribution column.

The Specs for Microsoft Audience Network

Accepted file types for images: JPEG, PNG, and GIF (without animation)
Minimum image dimensions: 760 x 400 pixels
Maximum image dimensions: 1900 x 1000 pixels
Recommended image dimensions: 1200 x 628 pixels (identical to Facebook and Native Ads)

How to create a campaign using Microsoft Audience Network?

On Bing Ads, “from the Ads tab, click Create ad. Select Expanded text ad as the Ad type. As you set the ad’s title, text, and URLs, keep in mind that this will be an audience ad, not a search ad. Audience ads work best with informative text rather than calls to action. Select the Prefer audience ad format checkbox. Click Save.”

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