Digital advertising in Ireland grew 17% in 2018

Digital advertising in Ireland grew 17% in 2018

IAB Ireland this month revealed that the total digital ad spend had a growth of 17% for 2018, reaching 574 million euros. Display advertising was €250m, while search retained €286m.

These are the results of the IAB PwC Online Adspend report. Classified advertising online had an ad spend of €38m.

Mobile advertising in the Irish market reached €376m in 2018.

"The IAB PwC Online Adspend report is one of our most important projects with the annual announcement of results anticipated by the industry. With the introduction of IAB Brand membership in 2019 we are dedicated to developing outputs to assist advertisers in maximising their digital knowledge and expertise as well as driving cross industry collaboration to the benefit of the Irish digital ecosystem” Suzanne McElligott, CEO IAB Ireland

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