Disney and Epic Games announce collaborative open world metaverse

Disney and Epic Games announce collaborative open world metaverse
Disney and Epic Games

Disney and Epic Games this week announced they are partnering to create a new, persistent, open-world metaverse. 

This metaverse will leverage Fortnite's popularity and Unreal Engine technology to bring Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, and other beloved franchises to life in new and immersive ways.


Disney and Epic Games metaverse

The metaverse will offer multiple opportunities for engagement: Players can expect gameplay, interactive experiences, shopping, and content consumption tied to Disney's extensive library of characters and stories. User-generated content and social interaction will also be key features.

This partnership represents a significant investment by Disney: The company is acquiring an equity stake in Epic Games for $1.5 billion, indicating a long-term commitment to the metaverse project.

The deal leverages existing relationships: Disney and Epic have previously collaborated on Fortnite content integrations and used Unreal Engine in various Disney projects. This familiarity could expedite development and foster synergies.

Potential benefits for marketers: The metaverse provides a new platform for brand storytelling, product placement, interactive marketing campaigns, and community building. Reaching a younger, digitally native audience within this immersive environment could be particularly valuable.

The project is still in its early stages, and specific details about gameplay, monetization, and launch date are yet to be announced.

Regulatory approvals are required before the deal can be finalized.

The metaverse represents a significant evolution in the entertainment industry, potentially impacting how consumers interact with content and brands.

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