Display & Video 360: Audience profile analysis deprecation announced

Display & Video 360: Audience profile analysis deprecation announced

Google this week announced the upcoming removal of the Audience Profile Analysis feature within Display & Video 360 (DV360). This change, effective July 1, 2024, aims to streamline DV360's audience portfolio in light of the ongoing deprecation of third-party cookies (3PCD). The focus will shift towards developing future-proof solutions that are less reliant on 3PCD data.

What was the Audience Profile Analysis

The Audience Profile Analysis tool provided DV360 users with insights into the composition of their chosen audiences. It did this by analyzing overlap with other audiences available within the platform, including those derived from Google data, partner data, and user-uploaded datasets. This analysis helped marketers identify similar audiences with the right balance of overlap and unique users, allowing them to expand campaign reach efficiently.

Understanding the Analysis Data

The Audience Profile Analysis presented data in a structured format for easy comparison. Key metrics included:

  • Audience: Category and name of the audience segment.
  • Audience ID: Unique identifier for the audience segment.
  • Size: Total number of users within the audience segment.
  • User overlap: Estimated overlap between the selected audience and all other audiences accessible within DV360.
  • Unique users: Number of users in each audience segment who are not present in the initial "seed" audience.
  • Overlap similarity index: This metric provided a relative measure of how likely it was to reach new users not already captured by the seed and reference audiences. It served as a tool for comparing user lists and their potential to reach similar demographics.

While Audience Profile Analysis is being removed, marketers can still leverage other DV360 features for audience insights. These may include exploring alternative audience building strategies that are less reliant on third-party cookies.

Here are some key takeaways for marketers:

  • Plan for the change: The Audience Profile Analysis deprecation will occur on July 1, 2024. Marketers should be prepared to adjust their workflow and explore alternative methods for audience analysis.
  • Focus on cookieless solutions: The removal of Audience Profile Analysis reflects the industry's shift towards cookieless targeting methods. Marketers should prioritize strategies that leverage contextual data, first-party data, and Google's unique audience segments.
  • Explore other DV360 features: DV360 offers various tools for audience building and campaign optimization. Marketers should explore these functionalities to maintain effective campaign targeting even without Audience Profile Analysis.

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