DoubleClick Bid Manager will support Ads.txt by the end of October

Doubleclick announced 3 measures to fight Spam and Fraud on programmatic. One of the third measures was the adoption of Ads.txt by Doubleclick Bid Manager, that will happen by the end of October. Support for Ads.txt will increase supply chain transparency and make it more difficult to sell counterfeit inventory.

According to Google, “DoubleClick Bid Manager will only buy a publisher’s inventory from sources identified as authorized sellers in its ads.txt file when a file is available.”

Around 6 thousand domains adopted Ads.txt

On Doubleclick’s blog post, Google showed a graph is possible to see the evolution of the Ads.txt adoption, and there are almost 6000 domains crawled by Google where the file containing the Ads.txt was detected.

Our First Podcast will be about Ads.txt and you can already read about it here.